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30 April 2006

Foam Test


Imagine what would happen if the fire-suppressing foam system inside an US Airforce hanger was set off for a test...and kept right on going.

And lo! It was so! Complete with live people!


Dance Monkey Dance

Wow! First, it was our delight to discover a wicked good little film called "Dance Monkey Dance," from poet Ernest Cline, and said title of which was then googled.

Then lo! and behold! it turns out a Ernie Cline has a Posse sticker exists (based of course on our original GIANT sticker)!

All of which is to say, all of us here recommend the following links.


Link (found at PhilRenaud via del.icio.us).


Vectorpark is one of those rare internet pleasures. With it, one can waste plenty of time and feel decent and clean afterwards. It's like a healthy dose of unporn.

It's zenny. And some things must be, or else our little tiny stomach brains will implode.


Super Mario Brothers Re-enactment

Ah, the eternally joyous moment of when something is done well!

Link (via Reddit).

29 April 2006

Sara Jane Poe knows how to Party

Sara's blog is dark and luscious and real. Her attitudes and pictures spark a vivid sense of NOW. Thank you Sara for bringing light into my world. Don't let the tender image mislead you, this bundle of genius packs a wallop and goes straight for your mind and she flattens your expectations. Interspersing authentic lesbian erotica for lesbians with wrestling captions and outragiously accurate political satire and commentary, Sara is an uncut gem worthy of greater readership.

MetaMagical Thema Audio

Listen hear.
Philip K. Nixon
Thank you for your considerations.

28 April 2006

Request for Love

Patricia is a fabulous mom who makes HUGE strives, and when I received this email I knew H2RS would be the largest forum that might actually be able to make this happen over the weekend.

Patricia has a great heart and this is a big idea...I hope you will help.

Hey Ben,
I know you're swamped but I want to ask you a favor none-the-less. It's time-sensitive...
I put the following site just up to celebrate Global Love Day - May 1st - and I now need 9,998 people to submit a wish for love, joy and peace to make everyone on the internet all warm and fuzzy inside.
It's 100% free, takes only 2 minutes and you get a link to your site as a bonus which stays up for 3 years.
a) could you take a quick moment to add a wish yourself?
b) do you have a list who is open to this kind of thing you could ask to contribute?
Thanks already for your help!

26 April 2006

Frank Zappa on Crossfire circa 1986


Robert Novak, Tom Braden, and John Lofton are laid to waste by Frank Zappa in this recently unearthed video from a time when a group of Senator's spouses, spearheaded by Tipper Gore (wife of Al), advanced an early attack on the US concept of freedom of speech.


25 April 2006

Marry Your Pet


The entire raison d'etre of our delightful magnificent site here is offering people who already are rockstars of whatever sort interesting and matterful tools in order to rockstar as best as any of us can.

HowToBeARockstar.com would be a whole other site because none of us here have any idea how to explain to anyone who is not a rockstar how to become one. From our perspective, either one is a rockstar or one is something other than a rockstar. Simple.

With this in mind, H2RS is pleased to introduce to the transhumanists amongst us the latest in modern conceptology. Introducing, MarryYourPet.com.

Bold forethinkers, here now is the opportunity to validate the special and everlasting relationship any number of us have between ourselves and, say, our hermit crab.

Or snake. Or doggie. Or hissing cockroach. Or rock. Whatever!

You and your significant pet other can now be bonded in internetual matrimony.

What about same-sex relationships? Multi-specieal? Indeed, what are the limits of inter-special relationshipping?

Naturally, H2RS fares to guess, this is a matter to be discussed and decided between each couple. After all, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

And to all the happy newlyweds, past, present and future, good luck! Sometimes love presents itself in the most unusual manner. But as the saying goes, if the horseshoe fits, wear it.

And if there be any amongst ye who would object, think about Sharon Tendler and Cindy the Dolphin (who is a male dolphin, btw), and rest your concerns. In addition to there being someone for everyone, it can now be said to be literal and well as metaphoric that, indeed, there are a lot of fish in the sea.


Circus Star

cowboy kid happy at the circus

"4...3...2...1...oh! Lewis and Clark Circus Show!"

And what a show it was! After a month on the road with Albert Buchanan and the Lewis And Clark Circus of Easley, SC, I am a changed persona. Heretofore, I, Mongo Nikol, am also to be known as. . . the Nutty Professor, the name I was bequeathed by professional circusstar Bill Brickle, a fifty-year veteran of the circus.

All I did was warm up the crowds and fill-in during tear-down of props between acts, and it was all genius.

Ladies and gentlemen, I did it! I ran away and joined the circus!

(Thanks to fellow rockstar Ben Mack for taking over the impressario chores while the rest of us (ah, all one of us) were away at the circus. His input has genuinely resonated with our audience!)

22 April 2006

Bill Hicks...And The Winner Is...

Necrophabulous by L. Aaron Kubitscheck of Canyon, TX. What Would Bill Hicks Say came out two weeks ago and the contest was removed from the book because we never could get the judges to agree on anything...That's the problem the hero of a project created the People Who Hate People party, because when it is time to have a meeting nobody is willing to show up because there are going to be people there. I get zero money for this project...I say that because of some of the emails Howard Campbell has received around this project. Money goes to the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation. For a treat you haven't heard before, listen to The Lost Hour. 23 Minutes into you'll learn that this was 5 days after he was cancelled from Letterman and you'll be spooked by some of what you hear. This was a lost audio that just emerged this last February 26th as folks around the globe honor our fallen hero. Thank you for your considerations. Mongo will be back soon. I've appreciate this opportunity to play with your minds and introduce my friends, those I admire and people who have skills. Some are all three.

21 April 2006

Crooked Wisdom & A Bold Approach

Persuasion is a rapidly growing topic. Amazon shows 19 books on persuasion coming out this year. With so many practitioners, it is hard to select just a few to highlight. However, if I am to carry on the tradition of showcasing Rock Stars and instruction in How To Rock Star, then persuasion is key to our study. First off, may I suggest going directly to Blair Warren's Crooked Wisdom. Now, subscribe to his mailing list. Why? Because you won't get spam, his writing is solid and more importantly you'll immediately get Blair's The One-Sentence Persuasion Course - 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding for FREE! This PDF has sold for $97. You can cancel his mailing list, but I haven't. I won't.

Ready for your next lesson? Kevin Hogan. Read his book, then Google him for more intensity.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Joel Bauer's Persuasion System. Watch the video on the top.

However, if you are going to Rock Star you need a publicist. Not only that, you need one that rocks. How about a persuasion expert who sees mind control and manipulation because he fought for his sanity to break free from the mental constructs of the cult in which he was raised. Ladies and Gentlemen, please consider the professional services of Dave Lakhani. Dave writes a newsletter and conducts interviews that he plays for free. His newsletter is required reading for folks seriously interested in learning How To Rock Star. Click here for more.

19 April 2006

G33k Mafia

Free Download of a SOLID first novel by rising star Rick Dakan available here. Rick is currently make his way through all the hacker conferences to learn the ins and outs of the hacker communities, hoping to shed light on what these mysterious folks really do for fun and profits.

Hey folks, I hope the artists and ideas I bring to your attention are to your liking. I'll share with you what I like. I look at the way a person lives their life as much as what they make. Tim Syth is a student traveling the world on scraps and doing photography. Rick Dakan is really embracing the various communities of hacking and getting to know the ins and outs. I admire both these men for their comprehensive engagement with life and their art.

Me? I'm a recovering advertising executive who'll pimp my friends for fun and profit and whore myself out. Just know this...I'm an expensive whore and I only work for Johns I actually like or can learn from. Next blog is likely to be on persuasion. How come there are suddenly so many books on persuasion? Maybe folks are finally feeling persuaded and are curious to discover the droids they ARE looking for.

Sorry for the ramble here. One more thing...Rick's first novel is solid. The first sentence isn't tight and formulaic. The book has some trypos. I don't care. This novel gets better and better the more you read and if you aren't staying up or creating time to read more as you get further and further in then, well, we have different interests. I dug this book and Rick is cool. So says me. Post complete.

15 April 2006

Tim Syth, photographer, thinker & traveler

Tim Syth is my first spotlight on the Net. Anybody who studies Bill Hicks and Buckminster Fuller has to take photographs worthy of consideration. Paul Arden, please meet Tim Syth.

Thank you both for your considerations.


14 April 2006

Ben Mack, Guest Blogger

Readers of H2RS, Ben Mack is helming our blog for a few months, as the staff here has run away and joined up with the Lewis and Clark Circus.

For those unfamiliar with the work of authoring artist Ben Mack, check out his credentials here.

Mack is enigmatic (to say the least), and because of the far-reaching effects of his seminal Poker Without Cards consciousness thriller-slash-novel, he is what all of us here at H2RS are prepared to consider to be one of the most influential new voices of the 21st century internet meritocracy.

Hold on tight, and enjoy!