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19 April 2006

G33k Mafia

Free Download of a SOLID first novel by rising star Rick Dakan available here. Rick is currently make his way through all the hacker conferences to learn the ins and outs of the hacker communities, hoping to shed light on what these mysterious folks really do for fun and profits.

Hey folks, I hope the artists and ideas I bring to your attention are to your liking. I'll share with you what I like. I look at the way a person lives their life as much as what they make. Tim Syth is a student traveling the world on scraps and doing photography. Rick Dakan is really embracing the various communities of hacking and getting to know the ins and outs. I admire both these men for their comprehensive engagement with life and their art.

Me? I'm a recovering advertising executive who'll pimp my friends for fun and profit and whore myself out. Just know this...I'm an expensive whore and I only work for Johns I actually like or can learn from. Next blog is likely to be on persuasion. How come there are suddenly so many books on persuasion? Maybe folks are finally feeling persuaded and are curious to discover the droids they ARE looking for.

Sorry for the ramble here. One more thing...Rick's first novel is solid. The first sentence isn't tight and formulaic. The book has some trypos. I don't care. This novel gets better and better the more you read and if you aren't staying up or creating time to read more as you get further and further in then, well, we have different interests. I dug this book and Rick is cool. So says me. Post complete.


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