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22 April 2006

Bill Hicks...And The Winner Is...

Necrophabulous by L. Aaron Kubitscheck of Canyon, TX. What Would Bill Hicks Say came out two weeks ago and the contest was removed from the book because we never could get the judges to agree on anything...That's the problem the hero of a project created the People Who Hate People party, because when it is time to have a meeting nobody is willing to show up because there are going to be people there. I get zero money for this project...I say that because of some of the emails Howard Campbell has received around this project. Money goes to the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation. For a treat you haven't heard before, listen to The Lost Hour. 23 Minutes into you'll learn that this was 5 days after he was cancelled from Letterman and you'll be spooked by some of what you hear. This was a lost audio that just emerged this last February 26th as folks around the globe honor our fallen hero. Thank you for your considerations. Mongo will be back soon. I've appreciate this opportunity to play with your minds and introduce my friends, those I admire and people who have skills. Some are all three.


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