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21 April 2006

Crooked Wisdom & A Bold Approach

Persuasion is a rapidly growing topic. Amazon shows 19 books on persuasion coming out this year. With so many practitioners, it is hard to select just a few to highlight. However, if I am to carry on the tradition of showcasing Rock Stars and instruction in How To Rock Star, then persuasion is key to our study. First off, may I suggest going directly to Blair Warren's Crooked Wisdom. Now, subscribe to his mailing list. Why? Because you won't get spam, his writing is solid and more importantly you'll immediately get Blair's The One-Sentence Persuasion Course - 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding for FREE! This PDF has sold for $97. You can cancel his mailing list, but I haven't. I won't.

Ready for your next lesson? Kevin Hogan. Read his book, then Google him for more intensity.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Joel Bauer's Persuasion System. Watch the video on the top.

However, if you are going to Rock Star you need a publicist. Not only that, you need one that rocks. How about a persuasion expert who sees mind control and manipulation because he fought for his sanity to break free from the mental constructs of the cult in which he was raised. Ladies and Gentlemen, please consider the professional services of Dave Lakhani. Dave writes a newsletter and conducts interviews that he plays for free. His newsletter is required reading for folks seriously interested in learning How To Rock Star. Click here for more.


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