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28 April 2006

Request for Love

Patricia is a fabulous mom who makes HUGE strives, and when I received this email I knew H2RS would be the largest forum that might actually be able to make this happen over the weekend.

Patricia has a great heart and this is a big idea...I hope you will help.

Hey Ben,
I know you're swamped but I want to ask you a favor none-the-less. It's time-sensitive...
I put the following site just up to celebrate Global Love Day - May 1st - and I now need 9,998 people to submit a wish for love, joy and peace to make everyone on the internet all warm and fuzzy inside.
It's 100% free, takes only 2 minutes and you get a link to your site as a bonus which stays up for 3 years.
a) could you take a quick moment to add a wish yourself?
b) do you have a list who is open to this kind of thing you could ask to contribute?
Thanks already for your help!


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