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25 April 2006

Marry Your Pet


The entire raison d'etre of our delightful magnificent site here is offering people who already are rockstars of whatever sort interesting and matterful tools in order to rockstar as best as any of us can.

HowToBeARockstar.com would be a whole other site because none of us here have any idea how to explain to anyone who is not a rockstar how to become one. From our perspective, either one is a rockstar or one is something other than a rockstar. Simple.

With this in mind, H2RS is pleased to introduce to the transhumanists amongst us the latest in modern conceptology. Introducing, MarryYourPet.com.

Bold forethinkers, here now is the opportunity to validate the special and everlasting relationship any number of us have between ourselves and, say, our hermit crab.

Or snake. Or doggie. Or hissing cockroach. Or rock. Whatever!

You and your significant pet other can now be bonded in internetual matrimony.

What about same-sex relationships? Multi-specieal? Indeed, what are the limits of inter-special relationshipping?

Naturally, H2RS fares to guess, this is a matter to be discussed and decided between each couple. After all, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

And to all the happy newlyweds, past, present and future, good luck! Sometimes love presents itself in the most unusual manner. But as the saying goes, if the horseshoe fits, wear it.

And if there be any amongst ye who would object, think about Sharon Tendler and Cindy the Dolphin (who is a male dolphin, btw), and rest your concerns. In addition to there being someone for everyone, it can now be said to be literal and well as metaphoric that, indeed, there are a lot of fish in the sea.



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