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11 November 2014

A Modest Proposal for the 21st Century

We the people of the United States have had choice taken from us. In a poorly performed political ballet or farce we are led to the altar of nonsense. There we are to marry our dreams with the lies of those who seek to lead. The status quo preaches a blessing and the words to the song of change are forgotten.
We can continue to rearrange the political deck chairs of our own national Titanic, or we can do what we were born to do. We offer for your consideration ideas for a debate on a new political party inclusive for all.
Proposed precepts and ideas:
That any nation that would declare war on the world does not deserve the support of the sane members of its society;

That any nation that would deny equal rights and justice to a segment of its population does not deserve the support of the sane members of its society;

That any nation that would steal the economic future of its citizen's progeny does not deserve the support of the sane members of its society; And

That any nation that would declare its religious philosophy superior to all others does not deserve the support of the sane members of its society.
Let it be known that, to date, we want change so badly that we will accept the word without the deed. Every major political party and their surrogates are representatives of and invested in the status quo. Their concept of change carries a different connotation than yours and mine. So what are they really saying when we hear their clarion call for change. We are hearing the word but not the deed.
Those elected in the 21st Century have shamed the nation with their incompetence and those elections may yet destroy us. They have given us wars, fiscal disasters and health care crimes that deserve prison sentences not praise.
Let it be known that we demand change and our platform makes this very clear.

We support National Health Care
The present system, which allows pain, suffering and death, is a national disgrace. Insurance companies and doctors have priced themselves out of any reasonable market and their profits border on the obscene. Every industrial nation in the world but ours recognizes the imperative importance of a healthy population. We can follow their example and create a better less expensive all-inclusive system. That not one more child needlessly die nor one more citizen suffers in pain says more to who we are as a people than any other action we take.

National service
We support the idea of national service. We have become a nation of, "what can I get," not, "what can I give." Upon graduation from high school (or sooner if someone drops out) we propose a two year national service contract with our new young citizens. Our nation has many needs: assisting with our new national health care program, caring for our senior citizens, helping our beleaguered schools, cleaning up our cities and a true citizen's military. As new citizens, they would gain an understanding of the problems that face our nation and they could take pride in making a contribution. For these services we propose offering two years of higher education as a show of our appreciation.

We propose bringing one thousand educators from around the nation to Denver Colorado. Twenty from each state, ten chosen by educators, and ten selected by a statewide lottery. Their mandate will be the education of our children not the tenure of our teachers. Excellence, not competition, will be the working template. The federal government's role will be as facilitator and implementer. We would like to suggest that after healthcare nothing is more important to the welfare of our nation and its citizens than education. Those who educate our children should be honored in our society and paid according to the incredible service they perform.

No More War
The United States has been at war since at least the day of, "Infamy." Generations have not known peace and with current thinking generations to come will not know peace. Well we have had enough. No more war, it is over. The United States will withdraw as the world's policemen. It is time to step into the Twenty-First Century with courage not fear. To lead where no nation has led before and to set an example for the world. When there is injustice the United States will place its resources at the discretion of the United Nations. At no time in history has the most powerful nation of its era forgone war as a means of settling conflicts. We the United States as the world's leading power can and should set the example and take our rightful place as the truly great nation we believe ourselves to be. We will no longer need a large standing military with our proposal for national service. We now honor all of those who have fought, suffered and died to end war. A grateful nation finally says thank you

The beginnings of responsibility
We seem to have amnesia concerning our recent past. If we are to have respect for ourselves, let alone the respect of the world, then we must address our nation's recent actions. We know we were lied into the war in Iraq. We have extracted a horrible revenge against Afghanistan because o f the crimes of one man who wasn't even there. Perhaps there were less noble reasons we were there. We suggest that the Bush administrations rubric, "if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear," be tested at the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. We may owe the world more than an apology and if so we should have the courage of our convictions. We have a responsibility to our principles and the millions of our citizens that have died to preserve our freedoms to make sure our actions were correct. That we have to ask such questions demands an answer.
The financial disaster we find ourselves in also demands a truth. Perhaps all of us are responsible, perhaps some more than others. However, at the very least we can learn a lesson, "You cannot legislate, ethics and morals," these must be the examples of those that wish to lead. If we do not take responsibility, as a nation and as a people, then future generations of our children and theirs may make the same mistakes and suffer the same punishments we now so rightfully bare.

Public financing of elections
Our nation is not well served when our legislators must offer their influence for election. We need the best of us to serve, give of their wisdom, passion and love and then return to their lives. When they have to spend nearly half of their time fund rising they are not concentrating on the people's business. A great many of our problems might never have happened if our legislators had been paying attention to the nations needs. We stand firmly behind public financing of elections and term limits.

Economic policy
Our economic policy recognizes the multiplicity of problems facing the nation. Our approach is predicated on two primary realities. Number one, those who created these problems cannot and will not fix them. Number two, failure to fix them is not an option.
We make the following proposals; all income no matter from what source will be taxed at ten percent. There will be no deductions and no tax exempt status, none. Any and all entities whether business, personal or religious that conduct business or collect monies for any reason in or with the United states will be taxed at this rate. Five percent will go to the national authority and five percent to the states. Any national monies remaining at the end of the fiscal year will be returned to the states, based on population. Any monies left over by the states will be returned to the local communities, again based on population. Local taxation is to be by a vote of the people. This will represent all of the taxing authority by government.
We would offer the following logic: We are all in this mess together. We are adults who have a responsibility to the common good and to those less fortunate. If we cannot honestly fulfill this responsibility, then perhaps our nation should not exist. We all know what the truth is.
The national debt should be paid off. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year to service the interest on the national debt, not the principal.
Credit card debt is a disgrace both to the user and the lender. The allowable credit card interest charged today used to be called loan sharking and you went to jail for it. The users have a responsibility to pay off what they owe. The lenders should receive prime plus one or two percent, period.
We support an immediate moratorium on single family housing foreclosures, allowing home owners to continue making payments at the initial interest rates or to refinance at a reasonable rate. More of our citizens on the streets means more government assistance, which really no longer exists. Lending agencies will receive a return on their investments and the entire system and the lives of those involved can hold on a little longer. Maybe long enough.

Energy policy
Any discussion of the energy crisis must take note of the fact that the energy and automobile industries and their representatives in congress and the White house have known for at least the last three decades about the serious crisis facing the nation. Either they are extraordinarily incompetent or they have actively worked to harm the nation (or God forbid both). The end result is that they cannot or will not save the nation. Their time has passed; we can no longer allow them to interfere with the incredibly important task of saving the nation. We propose the following as a starting place for survival. A Marshall Type plan for alternative energy technologies; to bring the genius of American ingenuity to research and development without the impediment of the present system. To put our nation back to work refitting existing homes and business with the latest alternative energy technologies. Our goal is to decrease existing energy usage by fifty percent in the next five years. All new construction will incorporate the latest energy conservation systems. More efficient usage of existing energy sources. Cafe standards of 75 to 100 miles per gallon within the next two years. An understanding that the internal combustion engine is antiquated technology and new modes of transportation need to be developed immediately, including mass transit. Not only will technologies have to change but we must change ourselves. How we travel and where we live will have to evolve. A better world waits if we have the courage?
Twenty seven thousand people starve to death every day. The usage of food stuffs for fuel is not only unconscionable but also extremely inefficient and expensive. If this type of avenue must be pursued we suggest switch to grass and hemp as two more realistic alternatives.
Millions of Americans back to work in good paying jobs making our nation more secure.

Employer sanctions, problem solved. Tear down that horrible cold war fence being built between ourselves and our good neighbors to the south. We welcome our neighbors as friends and guests and hope they will welcome us as well. In judging those here illegally, we must understand that this is a new time and we must err on the side of compassion and love.

The drug wars its attendant millions needlessly incarcerated and the billions of dollars wasted are over. Frightened citizens and armed warfare and countless deaths on our cities streets are a direct result of this failed policy. The medical and economic benefits will go a long way toward alleviating the nations suffering and the lack of fear will be a blessing. We can deal with the
horrors of addictions medically and with compassion, not incarceration. The war is over. We win.

A Many Sided Sadness
We support a women's right to choose and hope that fewer of these choices are necessary, so say we all. (There are no easy answers to love; there are no easy answers to sex.) We want to see that the health and welfare of all the parties concerned takes precedence over the debate. Adoption, abortion and child raising must be supported financially and emotionally. The sadness of children having children must be treated with a special love and all the support of a deeply concerned society. Abortions will not end because of legislation from the bench and we cannot allow a return to the horrors of the past. Rather we believe that a well-educated and informed society will make better decisions.

Global Warming
As lay people we cannot answer the confusing question of global warming. However, we are competent to answer the question of good stewardship of our world. We have polluted, trashed and soiled the very environment we live in. We intend to bring to the fore the latest technologies with the hope of saving us poor fools. Everything from energy independence to different kinds of transportation to trash removal. We should be ashamed of ourselves, all of us.

Finally, Hope for the Future
As a people and as a nation we have a vibrant history perhaps a calling; a restless spirit which is uniquely American. We seek a challenge that will be of service. However, we are frustrated and we are taking out our frustrations on an innocent world. Not because we want to but because we have been told that we can and that we should. Before us lies our new challenge our new west our future heritage, Space the final frontier. The Moon, Mars who knows what waits for us out there... We will need to be reeducated and trained to overcome new physical challenges. We will need to allow that special entrepreneurial spirit of ours to fly as never before. It will require new industries and new workers for these industries. And it will require the strength of a great people filled with a new hope for humankind.

We humbly offer these suggestions as a beginning for the discussion about real change and real hope for our nation and perhaps our world. We offer these words as a beginning for the dialog, hope, love, and peace.