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20 May 2005

Rockstar! DJ Food's "Raiding The 20th Century"


DJ Food is an ongoing project, a "food for DJs" project, and one single DJ artist, Strictly Kev, who has taken over the mantle and title DJ Food.

Begun as a side-face of Ninja Tune artists Coldcut, DJ Food is either Strictly Kev, PC, and the duo Coldcut, or it's strictly Strictly Kev. In other words, DJ Food is a group only it's actually Strictly Kev.

What matters though is the music, and Strictly Kev's elaborate DJ Food compositions are pop music epics structured like classical movements. The pieces are created of bits and odds and ends from popular music, transforming amalgamations of radio hits into aural montage symphonies.

Case in point, this ambitious monstrous mash... of the entire 20th century! Running just over thirty-nine minutes, DJ Food's Raiding The 20th Century made its big debut on the internationally influential XFM, and has since become a P2P mainstay, a "mashterpiece" rivaling the poularity of DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album.

Here is DJ Food's Raiding The 20th Century in various forms for download.

Link (via boomselection.info).

Bonus Link! (Coldcut vs. TV Sheriff video)


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