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08 May 2005

Rockstar! Roman Flügel

Roman Flugel's new track, Geht's noch?, is irritating…in the good way. As one half of one of the few bona fide techno superstars, Alter Ego (whose "Rocker" track has been a DJ anthem for two years now), Roman Flugel latest bleeping, squealing minimalist-style solo track is breaking down boundaries.

One of the pick hits of this year's Winter Music Festival in Miami, and a recent selection of London XFM DJ extraordinaire, James Hyman, this track is waiting for a Napoleon Dynamite "Numa Numa"-style Flash meme to spread it to the rest of the world. Squeaky, cheeky, and irritatingly irresistible–one antagonized fan describes Geht noch? as "a gerbil f-cking a hamster"–this rapidly spreading track speaks of great things now on the horizon.

Link (via music remedy.com).


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