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04 May 2005

Rockstar! The Talented Two Elliot Wilsons

Elliot Wilson montage

Elliot Magas Wilson is young, not dumb, and ready for fun.

We learned of Elliot's web presence while googling for XXL's editor-in-chief and Ego Trip OG Elliot Wilson's new television show, Race-O-Rama, which is happily getting raves all over the internet.

However, the new-G Elliot Wilson has it going on as well. For one, he is one half of an arts web design company called Hebronix, and for another he designs websites for free, which as everyone knows is the only best way to get famous, loved, well-know, respected, and admired in the world. From NG Elliot's website:
"I'm currently trying to get some design gigs, so if you know anyone that needs a website, graphics/artwork or anything else please email me: elliot@hebronix.com"
And speaking of art, check out NG Elliot's mesmerizing piece of video art-music that is one freaky meme-jam if there ever was one. Let the music play!

OG Elliot: Link 1 (via stefandelman).
NG Elliot: Link 2 (via elliotwilson.org).


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NG Elliot is fiinnnnneeeee

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