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11 May 2005

How To...Re-live '80's Mixtape Wonder

Rockstar designer Jon Santos first brought H2RS' attention to secret joy that is Mixmaster.org. So great was this find that it has been kept close to the chest for several weeks. But the recent discovery of
Geht's nocht? led H2RS to XFM DJ extraordinaire James Hyman's blog, where we discovered Mixmaster.org's link posted. And if the link is posted there, the site can surely handle the bandwidth wider popularity must be incurring.

Imagine all the best dance songs that were heard in the best dance clubs in the best dance cities–NYC and London, primarily–in the eighties. Not the pop new wave hits, or surface level hip-hop, but the deeper electronic jams that sent people over the top for years. What many have forgotten is how a select fortunate few had access to private little precious gems of these recorded jams, called mixtapes, passed hand-to-hand between knowing, appreciative friends.

Of course, many of these beloved tapes yet exist in our futurely-minded new world. And someone has taken the liberty as a labor of love to put a goodly selection of several of the most amazing and memorable pieces up to be downloaded as delectable, juice-filled Mp3 jams!

Link (via James Hyman).


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