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09 May 2005

How To...Rock Sound Recorder

Clown Staples is the name of the technical whiz behind the Flash symphonic piece, Winnoise.

As a Flash movie, Winnoise is fluid and graceful, an ode to inspired thinking, turning the lifeless landscape of Microsoft Window's Sound Recorder into a lively audio-visual tundra.

If that sounds too flowery a description for a common everyday Flash movie, this is because Winnoise is not a common everyday Flash movie. What separates Winnoise from the run of the mill, and elevates what could have been a pleasant bit of fluff to a position of merit commanding more than only casual regard, is the work of music accompanying this grand piece.

In Winnoise, author-composer Clown Staples' visual koan, an apparent ode to the process of the creation, transcends mere illustration. As the work develops and builds, lofty sentiments inherent within the pedestrian sounds of the Windows operating system first whisper than build before erupting into a piece of Valhallic grandeur. What originally crossed our mind's eye as a barren landscape turns out to be a properly-viewed tundra that is, in fact, the tundra that is the Mythological Ocean.

In Winnoise, Clown takes what most consider worthless ore and reveals hidden gold. What DJ Danger Mouse is to hip-hop, Clown Staples in one movement may have become to the classical genre: a re-inventor.

Link (via albino black sheep).


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