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11 May 2005

How To...Live Freely In America

The Statue of Liberty Gang is an inspiring very mini-doc starring three young artists, Amy Carpenter, Annaliese Rittershaus, Hillary McLaughlin, who decided to band together and represent the fun of non-politicized liberty by freely expressing their selves as artists–by dressing up as three Statue of Liberties at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts, 2004. Dig the "bronze" body paints!

Filmed by videographist Steve Garfield and pieced together by one of the Liberties, artist Amt Carpenter, the short and delightful piece brings home the worthiness of what the artist themselves describe as "proaction," a statement on behalf of terror-free living.

Carpenter's unpolished delivery and savvy soundtrack programming strikes true, as she and fellow Liberties, young women with a big-hearted mission, set out to show off what it means to be a citizen and free person to them in the face of fear, mistrust, and hysteria.

Take a minute and re-charge your spirit to full with this glimpse into another, much-less reported on, heart of a country called America.

Link (via cowboygirlproductions).


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