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24 March 2006

Attention and Sex

Our mission is to provide fellow rockstarians with the best of the most contemporary tools, ideas and gimmicks in order to rockstar better in whatever field each of us happens to be rockstar-ing.

For instance, this very very short essay from veteran Microserf Scott Berkun is highly-recommended reading. But who is the man? From the (ex)m-serf's own website,

Scott is a project management and product design consultant. He helps project teams build better software, work better together, and grow into happy and successful organizations. He has a unique combination of general team/project management experience, and usability engineering and product design knowledge.

Besides, Berkun escaped from Microsoft, and has thrived, so he's good at something!

In any case, it is a very tiny sliver of NLP most certainly worth checking out and recommended by all of us at H2RS.

Link (from reddit).


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