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23 June 2005

Rockstar! Patrick Combs, Man 1, Bank 0

The true story of Patrick Combs, as told by the actor in his own hugely successful one-man show, Man 1, Bank 0, is so absurdly inspiring and personal in detail that after seeing this show one cannot help but feeling a whole lot better about the future of our kind.

Detailing the escapades of the artist as a young man, when as a lark he good-humorously deposits a junk mail solicitation designed to look like a check for $93,000 into his California bank account–and hilarity ensues–Man 1, Bank 0 is a case study of ingrained bureaucracy and corporate foible.

But it is writer, director, and performer Patrick Combs' engaging and playful portrayal of his own life that sends his audience on a outrageous joyride, one replete with wide-eyed wonder and slack-jawed glee.

Now playing off-broadway, soon to soon be a major motion picture (we say), if any performer has ever written their own ticket, Patrick Combs is that one.



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