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15 June 2005

Rockstar! Jill Miller, Bigfoot-Advocating Artist

Obviously, it is not too often that the worlds of the New York school of art and the legend of Bigfoot cross paths. Which in and of itself gives San Francisco-based artist Jill Miller a notoriety for making the connection. But the marriage between a gallery show and a bigfoot stake-out is not only fine fun, it's resonately credible

Beginning in July, Miller will be the center of a piece titled, Waiting For Bigfoot. The piece is a round-the-clock live-feed camera surveillance of her campsite–located in the heart of Bigfoot country in Northern California–to monitors located at the Norwich Gallery, England.

Miller, speaking to H2RS, had this to say about the process of developing Waiting For Bigfoot:
"When I was researching cultural phenomena for my project I found reference to people disappearing from their villages (hundreds of years ago) in Ireland for days at a time and coming back and not having memory of their experiences... and some drawings of fairies looked like contemporary drawings of UFOs. Fascinating stuff..."
The artist's take on the phenomenon of Bigfoot is in a class all its own, full of insightful descriptions of human faith and invention, and lends this work of performance art an air of reality often overlooked in both contemporary expression art and the incredulous field of cryptozoology. (Miller is a graduate of UC Berkeley, with an MFA from UC Los Angeles, and Miller's piece's research integrity has been overseen by no less than than renowned author and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.)

H2RS will keep an eye on this story–with reports–as it develops.

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