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29 May 2005

How To...Gimmick The Funk: Crazy Frog Axel F

Crazy Frog
Okay, this is a very funny piece of entertainment.

But what makes it noteworthy is the necessity of the inclusion of its legend which gives this obvious piece of candy it's supposed credibility.

Essentially, a sound, a very particular sound, was supposedly captured by a 17-year old Swedish boy, and it got re-tooled into an odd cartoon video, introducing an deranged naked frog superhero, The Annoying Thing, in the veins of the Gorillaz, but 3-dee digital

Then introduce this package to two DJ's who were able to successfully graft synth pop artist Harold Faltermeyer's "Axel F" onto the hybrid thereby creating a pop melange.

That's when everyone in Great Britain got involved, and united to thrust the song to the number one spot on the revered British Pop Charts, for their part unleashing it on the world. They even dragged out doddy old Malcolm McClaren to lend the occasion a suitable air of droll officious notoriety.

And to top things off, the song is a ringtone.

Weird. Funny. Hell, Interesting. But most of all, noteworthy. We are not talking big money here. We are talking BIG money. Anyone who can coordinate/ buy/ steal from all these underground elements and then have Swedish digital animation house heavy-hitter, Kaktus Films, produce such a slick, uber-expensive piece of promotional video is no lightweight.

Heads up, Starchild, straight from you-know-who, this one's for you.

Link (via metafilter).


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