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26 May 2005

How To...Make G'N'R Irrelevant Again

This is for the electro people who are also fans of seminal '80's post-hair band Guns N Roses. And that, oddly, is just about all of us.

Using some absurdly technical MIDI process, two geeks have completely re-outfitted two G'N'R masterpieces, "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Paradise City" into Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"-swinging remixes.

That's right. Remixes. Though reinvention is closer to the truth. By speeding up these jams hundreds of times faster than normal, then reducing the parts to their most common denominator, and then believe it or not, putting the whole thing back together again, and having the individual pieces matched to the appropriate instrument sound drawn from other G'N'R songs, to play quite intense and quite pleasing electro-pop jams that rock.

It's like Pop Will Eat Itself And Grow Healthy And Young Again.

In other words, FUBAR.



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