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05 June 2005

How To . . . Help Vinnie Get A New G5/Blow-Up An Old G4

Found on Craigslist, an ad that looks like a fake. But follow it, and a story unfolds. Still, one that is not so uncommon on the internet: "If 20,000 people send me a quarter, I can get a new G5."

However, that's when it gets interesting. In exchange for your quarter, this infosuperhighwayman–a video editor named Vinnie in his real life–will blow up his old G4. Nothing so out of the ordinary there, either.

What is extraordinary is the clever and highly entertaining video, replete with guest antagonist, Vinnie's partner-in-crime, Jase The Boorish Best Friend. Plus, the soundtrack includes Young MC's "Bust A Move," one of the all-time uncoolest coolest songs that cool uncool people think are cool. The whole thing's done so well it's too legit to quit it.

See for yourself . . . and send your quarter in.

Link (via craigslist).


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