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04 June 2005

Rockstar! Contagious Media's Showdown Meme Contest "World Giant"

Public Domain Dedication
World Giant is dedicated to the Public Domain.

As part of Contagious Media's Showdown, the internet's first ever meme contest, our entry is a winner of a piece. Here's the legend:
In a savvy move to keep the world's most successful unbranded, nonadvertisement-driven anti-marke,ting campaign, Giant, from falling into unsuspecting exploitative corporate hands, the original discovers of Giant have exported a new Original Giant image–World Giant–onto the internet via a meme-theme video. The motivation behind the release of the updated Original Giant image has to do with putting to rest the confusion which has gradually developed in distinguishing Shepard Frank Fairey's popular OBEY™ product line and Giant-related fine art, with the un-ownable Giant phenomenon.

As the most well-known Giant artist in the world, and mouthpiece for the ensuing world-wide movement resulting from the popularity of the Giant phenomenon, Fairey has expanded his OBEY™ product line and its farcical subversive imagery and counter-culture statement to include widely distributed goods such as t-shirts, skirts, pants, hats, sweaters, jackets, other clothing, fashion accessories, toys, stickers, skateboards, skate shoes, zippos, and poster art. In other words, just about anything Fairey's stylized-Giant handiwork can be affixed to and brought to market has become a vehicle for the artist's Giant-inspired OBEY™ brand.

While successfully spreading awareness of Giant worldwide, because of the collaborative nature of the process in creating and disseminating the old Original Giant image, and it's wide-spread, freely visible presence in and on public use spaces, Fairey and Giant's co-disoverers–represented in a video meme–sponsored by H2RS in the Contagious Media Showdown–concerned that the image's arguably public domain status made it ripe for multi-national corporate assimilation and association, have re-invented the Giant Phenomenon.

"Anyone's group or company who thinks that Giant can be used as a corporate tool is in for a rude surprise," said one of Giant's spokespersons–an attractive woman in Cazelle-style sunglasses, going by the code-name "
Patty Hearst." "Assimilating Giant is like introducing a wormhole into a computer's system folder. What result's is nullification. Giant is not a representation of nothing, Giant is nothing."

Unlike previous
pataphysical movements, the Church of the Sub-Genius, SCHWA, and even the once-ubiquitous Kilroy Was Here, all of which have mostly self-obsoleted as a result of quick-settting commercialization, with the curious introduction of the new Original Giant, and the separating of OBEY™ and Giant into two separate entities, it appears that the other founders of Giant may have actually brought to light that more fun is to be found in the brilliance of the Giant phenomenon.
See for yourself. This is the video that tells it all like it was.

Obey™ is Shepard Fairey's brand. Giant is nothing, and belongs to no one. And anyone who tells you otherwise's Mejezfeld ain't deng deng, because as off today, wooo! . . .

. . . All Your Brand Are Belong To Us!



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