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30 May 2005

How To...Mock The Casbah

This homemade send-up of the demonic mneomonic contrivance/hit, "Kokomo," by some genuinely savvy members of the world's <peace-keeping forces>, cheekily titled "Kosovo," is taking the piss out of popular world leaders' dispensatorily cavalier manner of committing troops and the notion of international <hot spots>.

These guys make getting royally screwed seem like part of the job. (Isn't it?) But what makes it truly, remarkably rockstar are the performers/soldier nailing all the important video cliche cues, right down to the gratuitously over-the-top closing shot.

Also were capturing were these comments about the people responsible.
"Her Majesty's armed forces never cease to amaze me. To be able to carry out such acts of determination, sacrifice and heroism in so many spheres of the world and, at the same time, to be recording hit videos is a measure of the quality of the British Armed Forces."
Defence Secretary John Reid on opening the Queen's Speech debate on defence 18th May 2005.
So, now that cavalier is "in," and mocking one's condition of being shafted by world leaders is cool as long as it's in the right spirit, how about someone in their off-hours contributing to setting up a world government that is peace-promotive?

Link (via bloggerheads).


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