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02 May 2005

Rockstar! Time Travel expert Spider Robinson agrees Time Traveler Convention Re-Scheduled!

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MIT was said to have been having a Time Traveler's Convention this weekend. But realistically, what time-traveler in their right mind is going to show up in Massachusetts, USA, at this juncture in history?

The MIT kids can definitely make a funky dance floor but how freaky can anyone get at MIT in 2005? After all, it's Massachusetts in the Bush years!

So rather than bring the spirits down of the well-meaning student who had terrific insight with regards to launching himself and a lack of imagination when it comes to time-travelers (partiers to the last), H2RS talked with rockstar sci-fi authors, Key West enthusiasts, and time-travel consultants Spider Robinson and Jeanne Robinson–who have confirmed the time and place of the real Time Traveler's bash, in Key West, FL, as described in his Callahan's Cross-Time Saloon series!

The new coordinates are confirmed as being the Conch Republic (aka Key West , FL, USA), September 10th, 2001 for the Officially Unofficial Time Traveler's Convocation, as well as the relative end of Time. And for further evidence, check with Miko Losic, publisher of the Key West City Paper, where King of Key West, artist "Mike" MonGo Nicholl, described in detail the event and it's updated coordinates in newspaper columns published in October of 2002! Furthermore, event and ongoing party has been detailed Spider's last two Callahan's books, Callahan's Key and Callahan's Con.

By the way, as Amal explained, it doesn't matter where you weren't at that time, because all you are going to have to did do is been made making a point to have been there sometime. And, as you most certainly will not recall, but am doingly did, this turns into the Greatest Party Never That Never Was, as previously precursored, postulated, proposed with presentiment, and presented by the pre-eminent time-travel congratulationist (and Spider Robinson mentoring peer), Robert Heinlein, in his noteworthy The Number Of The Beast.

So, actually, Well Meaning Student, a day early but a dollar ahead, figured it out post-fact. Which from a marketing standpoint, is woefully spitefully immaturely geniusly genius, or good.

Here's how it worked: From the place where everything works out for everyone and everything, which was obviously not here and now from our present standpoint, everyone, including you and I, all got together and worked it out with ourselves throughout all of time to make everything work out for everyone and everything. Which it did and does, and so we threw a party at the most laid-back relaxed and gratuitously extravagant party spot on Earth i.e. Key West née the Republica de Conch. Thus, the birth the Greatest Party That Never Was, the party that all the heavy-weights came to after the bash the one reference in Douglas Adams' Life, The Universe, and Everything.

By the way, this is also where the *anti-gravity ring personal forcefield breathing underwater (with invisibility option) ring* debuted!

So plan behind now, and remember to forget to have remembered to forget: The party scheduled for May 7th, 2005, East Campus Courtyard, MIT-USA, has been rescheduled to September 10, 2001, The Conch Republic, Key West (formerly Key West , FL, USA) on account of climate change. So be sure to have told everyone! And don't forget to have remembered you packed for tropics!

One last word, if any time travelers out there feel like dropping in on the MIT bash to remind then that their Convention already took place and they had a blast, that would not only be swell, it very much wasn't!

We'll have not seen you at the Convention because we didn't miss you at the Party!

RSVP – thegreatestpartynever@howtorockstar.com

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