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29 April 2005

How To...Have Sex With Giant Arachnids

But is it love?

These breath-taking images–of an enormous tarantula performing cunnilingus on an attractive orgasmic woman, and of a handsome man and a giant black scorpion making love (see link)–are, believe it or not part of a French AIDES awareness campaign.

The message appears to be, since even giant spiders and scorpions can have AIDS, have safe sex–including with other species. Or, when having sex with the hairless primates use a condom because though they are sexy and attractive (as far as mammals go) they might have AIDS.

Link (via Fleshbot). Thanks, rockstar Marty Kahnle!


Blogger Bob Mottram said...

You can call me unconventional if you wish, but if a gigantic spider walked into my living room I don't imagine that my initial thought would be to have sex with it. In fact, I would probably be running very fast in the opposite direction.

I wonder whether this is the message that they're trying to get across. Whenever you spot a member of the opposite sex START RUNNING (and screaming in a 1950s B-movie style).

4:01 PM  

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