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23 May 2005

How To...Be A Rockstar DJ

DJ schools are popping up all over the place. But what makes Hong Kong's HKDJ Training Center noteworthy is the schools website which provides for entire sets to be showcased–via both streaming and Mp3–from a range young styles, allowing young DJs in China to strut their stuff.

Also noteworthy is the success these student artists are having, as the in-house mixes are being picked up by major labels. Even more interestingly, several student DJs remix their peers same hit mixes as homework assignments to present their personal take on the success of their school. Amazing. Plus original videos!

There are a range of styles for most every taste, but what stands out is the dedication to quality the school clearly emphasizes. These are professional, highly-pleasing sets, mixes, and videos by DJ artist who obviously have been taking their lessons seriously.


Link (via glutter).


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