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17 January 2006

Ben Mack's Poker Without Cards

Self-described as "A Consciousness Thriller," Poker Without Cards happens to be a radical case of truth in advertising. PWOC reads like Bourne Conspiracy for The Matrix set, with the greater whole of the book being presented as a Salinger-esque transcripted dialogue between mental hospital check-in protagonist anti-hero Howard Campbell and lurky anti-path Dr. William Fink.

What sets PWOC apart from the rest of post-Matrix world available on the internet today? If H2RS has to say, all of us here point out the peculiarly interactive fan-base, heavily steeped in alternative reality gaming mythology-slash-accusations. The sub-text surrounding Mack and PWOC is heady stuff, alternating between banal conspiracy and scary fun. Plus, as a reading experience, Poker Without Cards is genuinely, weirdly, affecting. High praise in our age of high-octane stimulations.

See for yourself. The book is available at Lulu.com and as a free download (!) at the link below.



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