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29 September 2005

DC Wooten's Male Nude Flickr Vintage Photostream


Photographer DC Wooten's compilation of groups of photographs of depictions of the male human experience is audacious.

Look at photographer DC Wooten's images how you like.

"A visceral celebration of one artist's take on 'the male experience.'"

"Provocatively nostalgic."

"Gay as a three-dollar baseball bat."

In any case - or all of them - what mesmerizes and tantalizes about these photos is what separates DC Wooten's Flickr collection from mere voyueristic, porny chaff . Namely, hese captured images of individual men and of groups of individual men together en masse talk to us about who and what a man can be and a man is in relation to another man: That is, one other hunter, one other provider, one other collector. Seen from this perspective, the human that is a man becomes a being like no other, whose firstmost purpose seems nothing more than to guard and provide for the continuation of the species, and then, to move on.

The collected photos often seem as titillating and hilarious as they are poignant. Picture after picture of something miraculous about humankind's other half, something we can frequently glimpse but (apparently) not truly capture.

The effect of DC Wooten's work is perhaps not for all, but for those who have ever wondered who all of us are as a species, and where all of us are going as a species, and where we have been, this is a view from the other side of one half of the mirror.

From H2RS with love, introducing the work of a bonfide Web 2.0 artist, with 40,000 views since this past July.

Gentlemen and ladies, DC Wooten.



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