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11 December 2005

Kyle McDonald's One Red Paperclip

Here's the deal. Canadian and Montrealer Kyle MacDonald started with a single red marble paperclip (thanks Ben!), and is in the process of trading up from that single item . . . to a house.

Best of all, it's working! Yesterday, McDonald's story went internetional (courtesy Montreal-slash-Quebecois celebrity radio-star Michel Barrette plus related television coverage), and now Digg has picked up on it.

Link (via Digg).


Blogger Ben Mack said...

paperclip. Kyle started with a paperclip. If it had been a red marble he might already have the house. Wonderful project. Thank you for letting me know about this chain of barters.

I'm curious about how paying to advertise on Rockstar will support R. man Bucky Fuller?

I met Allegra Fuller last month at the Synergy conference in NYC. Her presentation on dance was my favorite presentation and I felt best represented Bucky's spirit and values.

I'm thinking about offering to barter with Kyle for my second-hand god -- do you think my second-hand is worth a snow mobile?

1:32 PM  

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