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01 November 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Front Yard-Other Side Of Island
American Flag
As you know, H2RS is sometimes interupted with my life story when things get hectic. Like when I was incarcerated in Canada.

Well, this is one of those times: I have been in Key West. And it is a warzone down here. As I said to a friend today, I can't believe tourists have been allowed to come in. This morning, it rained, and everything re-flooded, and I am talking in feet not inches. Televisions floating down the streets flooding. Last week it was refrigerators. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it.

And I have lived through hurricanes all my life, but what jsut happened was like no storm I have ever seen. We had tornadoes on the water in the harbor. Not tall skinny beautiful waterspouts reaching to the heavens, I am talking Twister-style tornadoes. I have relatives here that go back generations, and noone but noone had ever seen anything like that.

One thing for certain. I won't be here next summer. If it doesn't happen again, then I'll come back, but that wasn't a storm, and it wasn't a warning. It was The Day After Tomorrow.


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