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29 September 2005

Homemade Flame-thrower

Usually H2RS leaves the adolescent destructo routines to boingboing or digg, both of whom do a fine job of providing us with ample ways to injure ourselves doing awe-inspiring dumb stunts.

That said, who among us, at one time or another, hasn't wanted a flame-thrower?

And not a lame, super-squirter-filled with lighter fluid, but a seriously industrial, $100 in ordinary hardware, denatured alcohol-using FLAMETHROWER??

What for? H2RS has no idea, but all of us wanted one. Even nowadays, one of us at H2RS said in passing how convenient having a flame-thrower would be for lighting backyard BBQs. Now, imagine how impressed guests would be!

Well, hold on to your new-and-improved Martha Stewart, because here, with not only detailed pictorial directions, but actual video (!!!), is every immature, slightly-anachist hobbyist's dream come true:

The D-I-Y Industrial-Strenth Flamethrower.



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