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15 July 2005

White Hot Now

Can we talk about White Hot Now again? Yes.

Here's why. It's a great site. It does successfully what H2RS does successfully, only from the other end of the blogosphere.

White Hot Now writes about the really really big stuff. This is funny because the big stuff doesn't get written about. Not really. Not in a way that encapsulates what is making it big in the first place.

For instance, everyone knows what Coca-Cola is, so much so that no one writes about what Coca-Cola is. No, people just reference it because the understanding is that everyone understands what Coca-Cola is because everyone knows Coca-Cola. But, actually? What is Coca-Cola.

A White Hot Now take on Coca-Cola would go something like this:

"The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.

I started drinking Coca-Cola since it was made of this. (Way back before the internet.) In spite of it's name there's no white stuff in it now, they switched to corn syrup during the New Coke years, but if you need a cheap calorie pick-me-up at the office during the mid-day (or early-morning) energy crunch, then you can't do better than a cold can of The Real Thing.

When the New Coke thing happened people actually organized and formed protest groups until the company brought the original formula back. The drink is so popular it has it's own clothing line.

Anyways, Coca-Cola is tasty and convenient–and even a little decadent–and available everywhere. And it may even be responsible for this whole global drug epidemic thing. ;)

Site: http:// www.cocacola.com "
See? Now how many of us drink a Coca-Cola everyday, but don't think about our doing it or what it is we're drinking? A lot of us.

Now replace Coca-Cola with boingboing. Get the picture?

Pretty cool. When a site gets written about on White Hot Now, it isn't because it's making it big, it's because it's made it big.

For obvious reasons, you'll probably not see H2RS listed there. But you might see White Hot Now. (Wow, now that would be cool!) Or at least, you should . . . because from the H2RS view, White Hot Now is definitely White Hot now material.

Our H2RS recommendation: Check in with WHN once a week.

(By the way, speaking of us, we got funding! We're going live soon!)



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