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16 July 2005

Post Secrets

Who knew the Postcard Secrets site would still be around after all this time, much less still honest?

Postcards. With secrets that anonymous people share. For other anonymous people to see.

The concepts seemed schticky, like a one-trick pony that would come and go . . . yet no!

The site continues to have array of–often breath-taking–confessions, dreams, desires, and success stories, submitted as splendid works of art, the scrolling collection replete with the terse language of prison notes. Or of graffito. Or of children. Or of castaways.

As a matter of fact, the effect of the site is likenable to being in a boat or vessel of our own making. On the ocean? In outer-space? Underwater? Yes, and weirder.

This is humanity. Albeit anglos (for the most part). And though voyeuristic and exhibitionist to no small degree, there is an honesty here that merits your, our, my, her, their, anyone's attention.

Make a postcard. Tell the truth. Nothing could be simpler.

See for yourself.



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