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29 April 2005

Rockstar! 8-Bit' "I-deez"


"Robots don't got no drivers license…so we gotta get fake ideez!"

And with that chorus line kicks off the most dope robot-themed plunk rock video of the year, 8-bit's "I-deez." Directed by Kid Robot and his brother Stoney, 8-bit is three boys and one girl, in metallic minimalist Robbie Robot costume suits, bemoaning the obvious: That robots today got it tough but don't front or else they bop you with their laser guns!

"I-deez" may well be a 21st Century milestone, the first robot driven gangster-math rock jam ever.

Whatever funky is going on anywhere on the planet ain't no better than the gangster robot bleep-bleep antics of 8-bit, no doubt the steeepidest plunk rock robo-bootyists in the world today.

Link (via Robot Kid).


Blogger Robotkid said...

Thanks for the link!

Actually, Stoney Sharp (my cousin) directed it, and I helped do some of the old-skool Atari looking FX. You can see more wacky music videos by Stoney here:


8:37 AM  

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