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25 March 2006

Snakes On A Plane

Snakes! On a plane! Starring Samuel L. Jackson!

"I want these mutherfuckin snakes off this mutherfuckin plane"

Get it?


Link (via metafilter (via boingboing)).

24 March 2006

Attention and Sex

Our mission is to provide fellow rockstarians with the best of the most contemporary tools, ideas and gimmicks in order to rockstar better in whatever field each of us happens to be rockstar-ing.

For instance, this very very short essay from veteran Microserf Scott Berkun is highly-recommended reading. But who is the man? From the (ex)m-serf's own website,

Scott is a project management and product design consultant. He helps project teams build better software, work better together, and grow into happy and successful organizations. He has a unique combination of general team/project management experience, and usability engineering and product design knowledge.

Besides, Berkun escaped from Microsoft, and has thrived, so he's good at something!

In any case, it is a very tiny sliver of NLP most certainly worth checking out and recommended by all of us at H2RS.

Link (from reddit).

11 March 2006


Wow. If there is something cooler than this, then all of us at H2RS has yet to here of it.

It's a website that converts text-blogs into podcasts!!!!

Talkr, you are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Get in now so you can say you grox'd Talkr before it gets bought by Google.

Link and . . .

Link to Podcast (RSS feed) for this blog


10 March 2006


John Maeda is what it is people call big-time and hot stuff and good, when people say these things and they are real and true.

Maeda. MIT. Simplicity.

He is big-time and good, and his ideas affect lots and lots of people.

This is the one which affected all of us, here at H2RS.

It is called Snowflake-A-Thon 2005, and it is beautiful.

Prepare to be surprised to spend time-wasting being happy.

Thank you John Maeda.

"I am a snowflake." Indeed.


My God The Movie

On craigslist today:
Start Your Own Religion Today! ($5k budget)

We have 60 days and $5000 to start a new religion. All we need is a messiah. How about you? (No experience necessary! No, we're not joking.)

As part of a new documentary, we're currently in search of an enthusuiastic, dynamic personality to help create and head a new religion. We'll provide a $5000 budget to create the religion, and will help you through any problems on this group effort.

To apply, and for more details, visit

(There are more than 4300 active faiths in the world. There's always room for one more.)
Now that's entertainment! Naturally, H2RS applied. And our proposed religion's name? GIANT. After all, the marketing has already been done!


08 March 2006

Twins Brown and Pink

Two sisters, twins at birth, one brown-skinned more as father, one pink-skinned more as mother. Beautiful!

Link (via reddit).

06 March 2006

Smash's Mobile17


While messing with our office cell phones and the internet (yes, the entire internet), the office realized a need for a quick, simple, and most of all FREE service to upload and offload our own Mp3's.

The solution process began at halfbakery (whom, by the way, it was noticed, seems to have "half-baked" up their own lame self-promotive wikipedia entry, a clear breach of self-regulating wikipedia protocol), followed by a quick jaunt to whynot, and finally one of us landed here at shouldexist.

Where it was learned of the mighty wonder known wide as Mobile17

Developed by up-and-coming force majeure Smash, the site is a bona fide God-send for those of wanting to upload Mp3's of our own music to our phones. Or quotes from wicked good internet series. Or other freaky sounds which make good ringtones.

H2RS's advice? Bookmark Mobile17. (And tune into to smashtheSILENCE, Smash and Dan's podcast!)


01 March 2006

Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley

Wilson A. Bentley
Yesterday's digg-generated insight into capturing snowflakes in chilled superglue led us to uncovering the contributions of the unassuming yet important personage Wilson A. Bentley, aka "the father of photomicrography."

Beginning in 1885, "Snowflake" Bentley began a life-long odyssey of capturing, creating and sharing with us all a monumental legacy of photographs of snowflakes, individually on black velvet - including the historic production of a 1931 monograph of 2500 illustrations and images for the US Weather Service.

Naturally, Bentley was a person of unusual character and reserve to boot. From a 1970 article on the renowned photo-naturalist,

Willie Bentley seldom complained about anything, and he seldom got angry. He loved people, and he loved the world of nature, that grand, mysterious world that produced the ice crystals, the rain, the fog, and the dew. He had a very special view of this world and was often saddened because he could not communicate what he saw to others. In this was both the triumph and the tragedy of the life of Wilson Bentley. At this point in his life, about 1910, he was 45 years old, and though he would live another 21 years the majority of his creative contributions had been made. Although they would be little recognized during his lifetime, they were permanently recorded in the pages of the Monthly Weather Review. They could not be erased or lost. That was his triumph.

All of here salute artist, photographer, gentle soul Wilson Bentley on providing a lovely example of a life well-spent.