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06 March 2006

Smash's Mobile17


While messing with our office cell phones and the internet (yes, the entire internet), the office realized a need for a quick, simple, and most of all FREE service to upload and offload our own Mp3's.

The solution process began at halfbakery (whom, by the way, it was noticed, seems to have "half-baked" up their own lame self-promotive wikipedia entry, a clear breach of self-regulating wikipedia protocol), followed by a quick jaunt to whynot, and finally one of us landed here at shouldexist.

Where it was learned of the mighty wonder known wide as Mobile17

Developed by up-and-coming force majeure Smash, the site is a bona fide God-send for those of wanting to upload Mp3's of our own music to our phones. Or quotes from wicked good internet series. Or other freaky sounds which make good ringtones.

H2RS's advice? Bookmark Mobile17. (And tune into to smashtheSILENCE, Smash and Dan's podcast!)



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