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10 March 2006

My God The Movie

On craigslist today:
Start Your Own Religion Today! ($5k budget)

We have 60 days and $5000 to start a new religion. All we need is a messiah. How about you? (No experience necessary! No, we're not joking.)

As part of a new documentary, we're currently in search of an enthusuiastic, dynamic personality to help create and head a new religion. We'll provide a $5000 budget to create the religion, and will help you through any problems on this group effort.

To apply, and for more details, visit

(There are more than 4300 active faiths in the world. There's always room for one more.)
Now that's entertainment! Naturally, H2RS applied. And our proposed religion's name? GIANT. After all, the marketing has already been done!



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