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13 September 2005

International Canadian Table Hockey, Peter Christeas, and The Christeas Cup

Christeas Cup

What you are looking at is not an out-take from an upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie. Believe it or not, it is the new face of International Canadian Table Hockey.

Unless you are from the Great White North, you may be unaware of the rabid-like devotion to the deceivingly simple game-play of Table-top Hockey. Enter the international world of Canadian Table Hockey, and you will find it is indeed a world unto itself.

There is table hockey and there is Table Hockey, capital 'T', capital 'H'. No better example of the latter is the full-on fervor of the proponents, components, and opponents that make up artist-slash-actor-slash-table hockey devotee Peter Christeas' Christeas Cup in Montreal.

Replete with drama and intensity that alternates between real-life and surreal life, the Christeas Cup is International Table Hockey's All-Star Game . . . as played by real-life Mystery Men and Women. It's one-half staged event, one-half sporting event, and yet another half Andy Kaufman-style pro wrestling.

It is said there are two kinds of people, people who think there are two kinds of people and people who don't. Yet every so often some find themselves stepping outside of these boxes. For those of us enjoy such line-blurring culture-mashing–and enjoy playing Table Hockey!–thankfully, there is Peter Christeas and his Christeas Cup.

Peep the videoclips at the link below.



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