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27 April 2005

Rockstar! DJ Danger Mouse's The Grey Video

DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album is a pivotal moment in the advent of the 21st Century, and is highly regarded as such. It is the validation of the mash-up. Danger Mouse has now risen to work with the top names of the hottest musical artists on the planet, and been given carte blanche to work his magic touch.

What has been greatly over-looked is the Grey Video, dropping on and off the radar due to complications resulting from legal hassles. However, here it is, DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Video, in full glory, featuring John Lennon, breakdancer, and Ringo Starr as The DJ.

Link (via waxy).

Rockstar Jon Santos says:
"The thing is, Outkast stole the show with that concept on "Hey Ya".

Link (via iFilm).


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