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19 February 2007

The Happy Policeman

This will be my farewell post. I ain't saying why cause it ain't none of your business, but let's just say I won't be available for comment.

I figured the best way out was to cut my losses. So...

...anyhow, I owed Jon Santos $3000. If that ever gets paid now, it'll be a miracle. A posthumous one. Sorry about the money, Jon, I wish I could have paid for that logo, but I never made that kind of money again after failing that one time. It was all down hill from there. As you of all people know. I just never could do it.

I owed Brad Simon from Berry College $2750. Same deal. SF Pleasuredome's Ty Dakota $2000. Eli Hyman from Charleston, SC, $1500. Marty Kahnle, you I owed the world, and it killed me.

And that's it. Lights out.
I finally got around to it, calling it a day. Sleep is for pussies.


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