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09 February 2007

Captain Outrageous

Outrageous Van
Captain Outrageous is a good friend of mine. I saw him yesterday afternoon here in Key West at the coffee shop, and then he left, walked down the street to his gallery, and had a heart attack followed by a stroke, leaving a husk that is now in the hospital in Miami. He's the best. And now he's brain dead, so I guess he's about to be what people call dead. I love him. He's my favorite artist on Key West island. Even if he is dead.

Anyhow, so I did some real googling and came up with these links. I especially like the movie. Won't you spread the word that Captain is the best artist on Key West, even if he is dead? Who knows? Maybe he really is alive!

Captain Outrageous movie.
Captain Outrageous Gallery.
Captain Outrageous Art History (with slideshow).


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