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08 February 2007

BrainFood Gets Donnie Davies

Well, it took me an hour, but at Chaz' livejournal blog, I found the following letter from BrainFood, the service provider for the Donnie Davis site. Very exciting stuff. (Incidentally, for the record, I'd say Chaz Antonelli is hatefully against Donnie Davies.)

-----Original Message-----
From: Donnie Davies [mailto:donnie@lovegodsway.org]
Sent: 05 February 2007 20:00
To: ChazAntonelli@yahoo.com
Subject: Response for direct inquiries to Brainfood about Donnie Davies


You have correctly discerned that Brainfood provides services to the Donnie
Davies project. We are providing this explanatory letter to people that fail
to get the joke to the degree of directly contacting us or, in some cases,
illegally attempting to disrupt our system services.

The site is indeed a hoax. Donnie Davies and his ministry are a cartoon of
forces at work in America that we feel are destructive to the Nation's moral
compass and the integrity of community spirit. We do not condone the practice
of demonstrating at the funerals of America's fallen soldiers and we do not
subscribe to the belief that gays and/or lesbians should be rounded up and
placed in death camps. We perceive these views to be disgusting and
anti-American. We also recognize that America must be tolerant of dissent to
preserve our Liberty and our way of life. The Donnie Davies project was
created as a mechanism to electronically excite protest, ignite discussion
and seed key phrases that would alter search results we view to be strategic.

Everyone is a critic and everyone will always have an opinion about how things
could be done better. We weighed the situation very carefully before we
entered into this because we knew that a certain amount of confusion was
necessary to provoke sufficient discussion. Before our campaign, searching
Google for the phrase "god hates fags" returned unadulterated hatred
slandering our soldiers, our country and the GLBT community. We have now
provided a message that people can hopefully laugh at. We believe meeting
hate with more hate only increases hate. Comedy has a fighting chance of
diffusing the situation.

For myself, personally, I got involved with this project because of Alan
Turing. Alan was the scientist who designed the world's first computers in
order to break the encryption used in Nazi submarines. He was a hero. After
the war he was imprisoned for being gay. You can read more about him here:


That is our story. We regret if we have caused you emotional harm. We
understand that this explanation may not suffice and that you may view our
enterprise as misguided or malign. We felt otherwise and we acted. Supporting
us, whether you believe in us or not, is part of being American.

Best regards,
Team Donnie Davies

Get behind Donnie Davies today!

For the record, I support this viewpoint, and I feel that being against it misses the point that the point is making.


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