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07 February 2007

Web 2.0 Video

Last night, I spent the night with my new ex-girlfriend. She called me up, and invited me. Then she read me the funny story about me having dumped her. Then she watched Sex And Lucia while I watched her. Then we went to sleep.

Now I'm woozy. I never get any sleep at my new- ex-girlfriend's house. He bed is like a large flat oven-mitt, and the busy surroundings make me sleep too lightly.

But that's cool. I mean, she smells so good. And now I have some of that wrapped around me. But I'm still woozy. Girls have that effect on me and my reality. All of you Girls. Grils, too.

Anyhow, here is an especially couth video I picked up off of boingboing this morning. If you know about these sort of things, you can't help but get breezy from it.

Web 2.0 Video


Anonymous Peter Downie said...

That certainly sent shivers up my spine.

1:23 PM  

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