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06 February 2007

Jon Santos' Resurrection

My girlfriend, who continues to go unnamed, and I have broke up.

You see, I live a high-profile professional life. Subsequently, my personal life is my own, and the two remain separate from one another. But an acquaintance of mine with whom I have a professional relationship with bumped into my girlfriend and I, and got introduced, and then one thing led to another, and she and I got invited to have Valentine's Day dinner with the professional acquaintance and his wife.

The next thing you know, she and I are split up. And that was that.

I miss my girlfriend. I miss having someone so beautiful around, so sexy in her special way, and all the signature smells of a beautiful woman who cares enough to naturally take care of herself - the lotions, and cremes, and oils, et al.

And most of all, I miss the chance that I had met someone sweet enough for me to spend some time with, some months and years and decades with. You see, she didn't just look good, she looked good next to me.

And graphic designer Jon Santos has a new book out. It's called Resurrection. And the short film below is an interpretative reprentation of his for "global warming."

Ice On Chystie
a film by Jon Santos


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