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29 July 2006

Two Girls On A Motorized Merry-go-round

Well, the value of this is obvious, from an anthroplogical viewpoint, of course.

Link (via Randomgoodstuf via boingboing).

26 July 2006

Human Robot Dancer

It is rejuvenating to us here at H2RS to be so reminded, by a single dancer, that human beings - particularly of the species homo sapien - can do quite beautiful things, as well.

Turn the sound down, and watch.


24 July 2006

Jill Greenburg Shoots Crying Kids

That's a paraphrase of the lead sentence of an article on the controversial work of artist Jill Greenburg. The excitement? Jill takes candy from very young children and than snaps highly stylized photos of them.

The idea? How would children respond if they knew what kind of world was being handed to them.

Terrible? Foul play? Genius, important, and true? H2RS says yes.

But most of all, thought-provoking to the nth degree.

Link (via Reddit).

22 July 2006

The Big Lebowski - F*cking Short Version

Prepare to be greatfully pleased!

H2RS is gleefully thrilled to reveal to our modest audience our find of this FSV (fucking short version) of Joel and Ethan Coen's '98 masterpiece, The Big Lebowski.

Tell ya' f*cking friends.

Link (via American Idol 2006 via Reddit).

20 July 2006

Uncovered scenes from original Star Wars - "Biggs' Return" II

It was lost and now it's found!

Previously lost footage from the original Star Wars, titled "Biggs Returns," is back at H2RS!


16 July 2006

Stanford Expelled Bush...In April?!

Did any of you know that [the person claiming to be president of the United States of America] George W. Bush attempted to speak at Standford University's Hoover Institute - "a public policy research center devoted to advanced study of politics, economics, and political economy" - but was turned away by protesting students, parents, faculty, and local residents? How about that this seemingly front-page news story, the US President getting turned away from a preeminent US University, officially got buried... because it took place back in April!!?

It has come to our attention here at H2RS recently via, of all sources, a notable column called Soundings by Mark Howell in the small Key West arts weekly, Solares Hill.

Here's the story link, and below is another, and it's a trail well worth following.

And for the record, even with our UC Berkeley background, yea Stanford!


13 July 2006

Record Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark babies
This story just gets better and better or worse and worse, depending on one's outlook.

But the record 1,280-lb hammerhead shark caught off-Boca Grade Pass, FL, two months ago turns out to have been pregnant and near-birth, carrying fifty five live young.

But more importantly, here is video of the actual shark after being caught and broght to shore (oddly, in WMV format, as if that's convenient), impressive but sadly, looking very very pregnant.


07 July 2006

Angel Peace Park, Buddhist Temple

This is indeed a blessing. Our friend Tin was in Vietnam recently (visiting his lovely wife and new son) and while visiting the country happened upon new a recently-opened Buddhist Temple called Angel Peace Park.

So very faraway is the temple that it was "off-Google," this H2RS entry here may well be Angel Peace Park's internet debut. (The photo above is of the temple's amazing entranceway.) And for we humble humans glad to have friends who honestly travel, H2RS is happy to report he video-recorded his visit!

To those of us who can experience such things, Tin's awe-inspiring digital memento is rich in detail, humility, and appropriately subtle humor.

With nods to "Big Trouble In Little China" (as Tin puts it), here is the visual and audio recording of his genuinely beautiful and mindful experience...

05 July 2006

Vigilante Journalist

Anne Holmes is photographer worth seeing.