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07 July 2006

Angel Peace Park, Buddhist Temple

This is indeed a blessing. Our friend Tin was in Vietnam recently (visiting his lovely wife and new son) and while visiting the country happened upon new a recently-opened Buddhist Temple called Angel Peace Park.

So very faraway is the temple that it was "off-Google," this H2RS entry here may well be Angel Peace Park's internet debut. (The photo above is of the temple's amazing entranceway.) And for we humble humans glad to have friends who honestly travel, H2RS is happy to report he video-recorded his visit!

To those of us who can experience such things, Tin's awe-inspiring digital memento is rich in detail, humility, and appropriately subtle humor.

With nods to "Big Trouble In Little China" (as Tin puts it), here is the visual and audio recording of his genuinely beautiful and mindful experience...


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