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29 January 2006

Javier Prato's Jesus Christ The Musical

So much video clutter on the internet, H2RS is pleased to be one of the first to introduce mind-blowing extragance of Javier Prato's.. .

Jesus Christ The Musical.

Link (via Vimeo).

26 January 2006


Once again, our own Nick Iverson comes up with a winner.

How can a site about grocery lists possibly be interesting, useful, morbid, stange, and delightful all at the same time. Read on.

Usually, our grocery lists are very ephemeral, very unimportant. Much like the one right here that Cindy Stewart from Boise, Idaho made, probably sometime in early March 1985. Anyway, this is the email I got, with permission to post it here:


This is the last list my sister made before she was killed on March 15, 1985. Since her birthday is tomorrow (Jan 15, 1959) I thought I'd send it in. She was the victim of a jealous lover. She was a wonderful person, though -- a big partier, very social -- happy.

I think the list was in the ashtray of her car, which is why it was all wadded up.

I don't know why I saved it. I guess I just didn't want to let any of her go.


(Yes, that the list up above.)

It's grocerylists.org, and it is positively wacky.


24 January 2006

Our Blog Is Worth $564.54

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

Not bad, considering it was a $35 investment. (Thanks again, Marty K.)


22 January 2006

Ximena Griscti, Photographer

Dr Spok2
This is all the reason in the world to be an avid craigslist reader.

In Montreal, last year, reviewing craigslist while searching for apartments, I stumbled upon a "models wanted by photographer seeking to build portfolio"-type ad in the creative gigs section.

As an actor named Surely in need of headshots, and a person very in love with a dog named Dr Spok, I replied to the ad, and incidentally, BlackBox Images and photographer Ximena Griscti.

These images, presented in a visually arresting photostream below, are the quite wonderful results of that quite incidental photo shoot.

From a great artist-and-dog to a great artist, thanks to Ximena Griscti for capturing this very special moment, mid-winter '05, in Montreal, Quebec.


Fireworks Factory Explosion Video

Fireworks Factory
When a video is described as being "fireworks factory explosion," it really must be damn, damn amazing.

This video footage is. In fact, it's outright spectacular.

But what the Google video page doesn't explain is the footage's shocking particular:

. . . in the final explosion, after the explosion which knocks them to the ground, the camera person is no longer alive.

Link (via Google Video).

World Giant, Andre The Giant Has A Posse, and...Ryan Lesser

It's neat to see that Michael Meinhart Ryan Lesser, wherever he may be, has begun to get his due credit for his contribution to GIANT. Meinhart Lesser, of course, is the co-designer of the Original Giant meme image.

So it is with great pride and happiness that all of us here at H2RS and who are connected with the World Giant movement give a hearty "Thanks!" shout-out to Michael Meinhart Ryan Lesser. Without you, there would be no GIANT!



All of us here (which, well, really, is me, Mongo Nikol and my friends) are highly impressed with this piece of engineering called Thumbthing.

As the copy reads, "It changed our life."


17 January 2006

Ben Mack's Poker Without Cards

Self-described as "A Consciousness Thriller," Poker Without Cards happens to be a radical case of truth in advertising. PWOC reads like Bourne Conspiracy for The Matrix set, with the greater whole of the book being presented as a Salinger-esque transcripted dialogue between mental hospital check-in protagonist anti-hero Howard Campbell and lurky anti-path Dr. William Fink.

What sets PWOC apart from the rest of post-Matrix world available on the internet today? If H2RS has to say, all of us here point out the peculiarly interactive fan-base, heavily steeped in alternative reality gaming mythology-slash-accusations. The sub-text surrounding Mack and PWOC is heady stuff, alternating between banal conspiracy and scary fun. Plus, as a reading experience, Poker Without Cards is genuinely, weirdly, affecting. High praise in our age of high-octane stimulations.

See for yourself. The book is available at Lulu.com and as a free download (!) at the link below.


12 January 2006

Psychic Parrot N'kisi

H2RS friends Diana and Michael in KW brought this rare bird to our attention.

N'kisi (aka Nikisi) is a talking parrot who is in communication with its caregiver Aimee Morgana. There hasn't been a lot of news about N'kisi and Aimee recently, but N'kisi is only eight years old and is a creature who has the life expectancy of a human, so this is a story worth tracking.