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12 May 2006

Year Of The Fucktard (Guerrilla RS Tee)

Want to get a copy of the new DJ Unimportant mix-CD Year of the Fucktard...for free?

Buy the official H2RS "Guerrilla Rockstar" Tee (available from Spreadshirt), and the DJ U mix-CD gets mailed to you for free. Simple. Easy. Free.

Mix-CDs are an important part of popular music tradition. Whether as site creator Mongo Nikol, or as the highly irreverent DJ Unimportant persona, the artist behind Year of the Fucktard is dedicated to delivering the most bang for you rockstar buck.

Year of the Fucktard is downloadable below (must sign up for a free account at box.net)...

DJ Unimportant's Year of the Fucktard*
Track 01 - DJ Unimportant
Track 02 - Spider & Jeanne Robinson; DJ Unimportant
Track 03 - Spearhead
Track 04 - Michael Franti; DJ Unimportant
Track 05 - James Finnerty
Track 06 - Spearhead vs. Head Automatica featuring DJ Unimportant
Track 07 - Head Automatica
Track 08 - Aduraan
Track 09 - DJ Unimportant
Track 10 - The Killers vs. A Flock of Seagulls (DJ Unimportant Line-in Mix)
Track 11 - The BC Boyz
Track 12 - Spider Robinson; DJ Unimportant
Track 13 - Bong-Ra
Track 14 - James Finnerty
Track 15 - MC Plus+
Track 16 - DJ Unimportant
Track 17 - Le Tigre; Tiga
Track 18 - Andre Nickatina; DJ Unimportant
Track 19 - DJ Unimportant
Track 20 - King Bong; DJ Unimportant

(and here's the link to a pdf of the above cover-art. Bradenton!)

...or you can have it mailed direct with purchase of an H2RS "Guerrilla Rockstar" Tee.

One thing is for certain. As a aural snapshot of everything that is right with music here at the head of the 21st Century, DJ Unimportant's Year of the Fucktard is the perfect accessory for the most advanced among us. And that's our promise!


*All tracks are copyrighted relative to each artist. For further information on individual tracks, check with the relative artist. Tracks are showcase here as part of a general public collection, for promotional purposes only, and are unsaleable or tradeable as such.

All original DJ Unimportant mixes and tracks are

Creative Commons License.

The original material of this work, DJ Unimportant's Year of the Fucktard,
bearing in mind the specific qualifications and limitations of the above listed guidelines and restrictions, is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License. In other words, you can permissively use the DJ Unimportant tracks freely for whatever purpose, other than commercial use, which is forbidden.


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