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07 May 2006


This is what Encyclopedia Of Stupid says about internet comicstrip Jerkcity,

Jerkcity is stupid.

Sometime before 1975, someone invented IRC, to facilitate nerds being able to talk to each other without having to have actual social interaction. One day, someone decided that text on a screen like this just wasn't very sexy:

<_purifier> i know
<_purifier> kidding.
did someone buy it
i left a $1 there
*** rbw (rbw@malkavian.org) has joined channel #rfa
Stranded seamen running out of air
uh huh huh
set sail for dick

These same somebodies invented a program called Comic Chat which connected to IRC like other IRC clients, but instead of boring text on a screen, the conversation would be illustrated by the nonstop generation of comic strips featuring art by some fag named Jim Woodring. The quality of the conversations was not affected (it was still stupid).

Comic Chat was later co-opted by Microsoft and became Microsoft Chat. It was then that the geniuses behind Jerkcity (most notably Tristan Farnon of Leisuretown) got the bright idea to make a real comic strip from real IRC conversations, and since most IRC conversations are simply extended dick jokes, much hilarity ensued.

Most of Jerkcity's best moments involve an onomotopaeic representation of cocksucking (http://www.jerkcity.com/search/index.cgi?m=32&q=hlu), hence the connection to cocks, dongs, dicks, pricks and homo jokes. These are usually coupled with arcane Unix references that only nerds really appreciate.

Get it? No, well how about from Jerkcity's own page...

pants, christmas tree monster Yet Another Net Comic

Cosmic forces (otherwise known as "bonghits") are at work here. Jerkcity was not supposed to have continued through 2006. It should be clear to all that mistakes were made somewhere.
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Jerkcity Traffic

  • Visitors per month: 217,000 (up from 200K in 2005)
  • Bandwidth per day: 2-3GB
  • Most referrals (.66%) come from: rotten.com
  • Most popular search string: Pot Brownie Recipe

mmmm yeah oooh boy

rands in repose
spigot, cornfed american beauty James Chapter 2 Verse 3

"And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool"
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    deuce (do not feed)


    ...which pretty much sums it up. Jerkcity gets our vote for one internet comic other than Agon Zark that is really really good. Could be the Jim Woodring thing. Or the writing. Who knows?

    To us, it's good.

    And by the way? . . .

    Link (via walkingfish).


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