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28 May 2006

Guerrilla Thinking & Jay Levinson

Guerrilla Marketing is a frame of mind. Jay Conrad Levinson popularized the term Guerrilla Marketing, but he attributes the term to somebody else. I don’t care who said the term first—Jay gave context to the term “Guerrilla Marketing” in the 14 million Guerrilla Marketing books sold in over 42 languages.

Most people engage his texts by looking for lists of tactics. In any of his Guerrilla Marketing books you’ll find such lists. Use these tools. However, the values behind the list construction may be the most valuable part of the Guerrilla Marketing.

I loved Levinson’s The Way of the Guerrilla and Levinson’s Guerrilla Creativity. These books don’t have the long lists of the tactics that his better selling books have. I’d like to suggest that every reader of Guerrilla Marketing will get better use out of Levinson’s tactics if they read Levinson’s philosophy. Guerrilla Marketing is a frame of mind, not saving money on a specific assignment, but about living a more effective life.

Work is one facet of life. Jay is a genius. One of the first things he figured out was that he didn’t want to work five days a week, see what I mean…Genius. If you have figured out that you don’t want to work 5-days-a-week-for-the-man then you’re a genius, too.

Guerrilla Marketing will help you with your corporate job. The Way of The Guerrilla helps you apply these philosophies to your entire life and create sustainable income outside of the traditional corporate structure.

It was Levinson’s approach to living and thinking that inspired me to write Think Two Products Ahead.

Thank you Jay!

Your friend and admirer,



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