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27 February 2006

Boycott SmartFilter

Our friends over at boingboing (who we have known since they were bOING bOING magazine in the office on 3rd in SF) mean the world to us.

So when word got back to H2RS that some gimcrack censorware company name SmartFilter was screwing with BB by censoring their site based on the fact that BB had two nude pictures on the site last month, or something screwy like that, we did our own investigation and discovered SmartFilter filters out the US Constitution, the Bible, and the Declaration of Independence (not to mention all the Shelock Holmes titles!), all of which means, one, SmartFilter ain't so smart after all and, two, "SmartFilter?" You. Got. To. Go.


Lastly, in a show of support for BB, H2RS is pleased to bring you our first nude image ever . . . of Michaelangelo's David.

Keep up the good word, David, Xeni, Cory, and Mark. All of us here at H2RS love you!


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