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07 February 2006

Is America Only Evil?

Being who I am, which is Mongo Nikol, pop provocateur and authorial artist-at-large, my good friends Marty Kahnle, Ben Mack and (quite especially in this regard) Robin "Roblimo" Miller explained to me the necessity of publishing-slash-producing tangible commercial work. So, with this important and gentle prodding from a variety of influential persons, I did.

It's small, but what has been published is a treatise of sorts, written for all of the America as yet to have discover some method in which to accommodate what is the 21st century.

I have written and published such a method, a genuinely compassionate connection to all of us who are anti-gun control and racially-minded people.

(It's the use of the word "us" that is turning heads. But it's true! Some of us are anti-gun control and racially-minded. Read the book.)

Without further adieu, friends, artists, and countrypersons, from our friend and mine, Mongo Nikol, co-author of the Andre The Giant Has A Posse meme et al, et al, presenting . . .

Is America Only Evil? (How To Make America Better).

(Thanks, Robin!)



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